Donate to Wikimedia Foundation for 2012 Fund Raising

Once again, a year is about to end.

As i did last year, i've already donated money to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Last year, Wikimedia Fundraising lasted 50 days and got to cover the expected 15 million USD.

This year, Wikimedia is expecting to raise 28.3 million USD. Donations will be accepted through January 2012.

Do you use Wikipedia? Then donate now!

Human knowledge should be a public good, like the environment.

Wikipedia does just that: make knowledge available to everyone that wants it. Please help!

This is enough to be my ninth post.


Dennis Ritchie passed away

Dennis Ritchie was found dead on his apartment last Wednesday (Oct 12). He apparently died last weekend.

Dennis Ritchie created the C programming language and co-created Unix with Ken Thompson. He also worked with Brian Kernighan.

This is a very sad October.


Steve Jobs passed away

After a little over nine months of not writing on this blog, i'm very sad the reason for this post is the passing of Steve Jobs.

Much can be said about the good and bad (of Apple, the philosophy, the technology, his character, etc).

None of that matters to me today. I feel really sad.

Having lost family to cancer, i only hope he didn't suffer much.