Time flies!

Another year... It seems like i've just blinked.

I hope you have a very good new year.

Have you make any donations this year?

For my part, i continued my monthly donations to the WFP (held by United Nations, www.wfp.org) and to Nuru International (www.nuruinternational.org). The first program is to bring relief, the second with the intention to really solve the problem. Let's hope.

As for my end-of-year donations, this time i donated to:

  • Wikimedia Foundation. Donation page in english and spanish. They accept donations in ARS (Peso Argentino), which is a good one to avoid the 35% extra charge for USD expenses. Update: the transaction proceeds actually in USD.
  • SETI Institute. Donation page.
  • Unicef Argentina. I made the donation thru my bank.
For my dismay, i tried to donate to Cruz Roja Argentina (Argentina's Red Cross chapter). If you can believe it, the donation page requests you put your credit card information, but the page is not secure (plain old HTTP instead of HTTPS). This is a big WTF! I contacted them explaining the issue and requested a different means to donate. Lets see how this goes.
Update: they have responded me, indicating that they do care about that and they use a secure payment processor (they page is still HTTP). I requested an account number to donate safely.

Well, i hope you have a happy new year, electric power if you live in Buenos Aires (another big WTF this year) and an open wallet to donate some money.

This is enough to be my seventeenth post.