Donate to Wikimedia Foundation!

The year is about to end (here in Argentina it's still 2010) and the Wikimedia Foundation is doing another round of fund raising to sustain next year's operations. They need only 16 million US dollars (they have 15.2 M already).

Do you use Wikipedia? The english version? The spanish version?

I have donated already. In the process, i discovered that there is an Argentine chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation (not every country has one).

You can donate here (english) or here (spanish). You can also donate to the local chapter (see the bottom of the page).

You can check how much money they have already raised by just going to the main wikipedia's page for any language. There is a detailed fund raising page, yet it seems to have different information (out dated?).

I hope you all have a happy 2011 and, if you didn't donate in 2010, consider making a donation as one of the first actions of the new year.

This is enough to be my sixth post.

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